Accelerates the decomposition straw residues in the soil, releases important nutritional elements faster to plants through quicker mineralization, and stimulates the absorption of available mineral compounds.

BACTOLiVE® AGRO contains high concentration of five different beneficial species of the Bacillus genus and two species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The bacteria have several functions in the soil:

  • Bacillus subtilis, B. pumilis, B.lichenformis help in decomposing straw and stubble after harvest (Fig. 1). They are actively involved in mineralization of organic compounds, ammonification and nitrification processes, enhanced potassium and phosphorus mobilization, and allowing better absorption of N, P, K, Mg, Ca. These bacteria have also plant growth promoting rhizosphere effects.
  • Bacillus megaterium and B. polymixa improve the soil structure, nutrient mineralization and antagonistically act in the rhizosphere in a biological way against soil pathogens.
  • Azobacter and Azospirillum capture atmospheric nitrogen and thus are biofertilizers that fix biologically nitrogen needed by other microbes to decompose organic materials.

In addition, the product contains the beneficial soil fungus Trichoderma harzianum that degrades organic residues. It also has antagonistic effects against pathogens and nematodes in the rhizosphere, as well as plant growth promoting effects.

Uses: dissolve 250-500 g/ha BACTOLiVE® AGRO in water and spray onto stubble after harvest; in spring it can be used alone or together with pre-emergence herbicide applications for summer crops to stimulate the microbial life in soils, and to accelerate the functioning of microbiological processes.


Biological product for seed treatment of winter and spring cereals. BACTOLiVE® SEED is approved for ecological farming.

Particularly selected species of the Bacillus genus and high concentration of the beneficial soil fungus Trichoderma harzianum give benefits to the soil and plants:

  • stimulates root growth, visually makes better root system;
  • helps to absorb hardly accessible nutritional elements like phosphate and micro-nutrients;
  • improves soil microbiological activity and improves soil structure;
  • promotes and stimulates mutually beneficial symbiosis of the roots with mycorrhizal fungi;
  • increases grain yields of cereals (average of about 5,2 dt / ha in 7 field trials).

Uses: BACTOLiVE® SEED is for seed treatment of wheat, barley, rye, triticale, oats (winter and summer cereals):   dissolve 100 g of product in 3-10 liters of water and treat 1 ton of seeds.


The product is of 100% biological origin; it contains very high concentrations of beneficial soil bacteria of the  Bacillus genus and of the beneficial soil fungus Trichoderma harzianum: It is very effective and useful for plants. It:

  • acts antagonistically in the rhizosphere against soil born diseases, especially Rhizoctonia solani;
  • releases nutrients from organic materials;
  • improves assimilation of nutrients, activates tuber development, ensures optimum harvest;
  • promotes the formation of more homogeneous plants and more equal-sized tubers.

Uses: BACTOLiVE® TUBER is used at 125 g / ha of product(for approximately 2.5 tons of potato tubers). Dissolve this amount of product in 80 liters of water and spray at planting with special equipment onto tubers and into planting row. Alternatively, dissolve 50 g in 3-5 L and applied in an ULV tuber treatment process on the conveyer belt. Bulbs of plants like onions, or smaller amounts of  potato tubers can also be dipped in 0.1% solution for 20-30 minutes. Dry before planting.



BACTOLiVE® LEGUME is a series of products for improving symbiotic nitrogen fixation of legumes with specific species of Rhizobium, Bradyrhizobium or Sinorhizobium approved for ecological farming. Legume roots form nodules in which air nitrogen is fixed that the legumes uses for growth; also, surplus of fixed nitrogen can be used by the follow crop. For an effective symbiosis each legume species needs a specific bacteria species. We thus offer different bacterial species for different groups of legumes. We have liquid inocula for legume seed treatment as well as powder inoculum. The inoculum contains a minimum of 109 CFU of nitrogen fixing bacteria per gram or ml. 


Advantages of using BACTOLiVE® LEGUME:

  • it fixes in a biological way up to 200 kg/ha and season of atmospheric nitrogen;
  • it stimulates plant growth, increases yields and improves crop quality indicators, e.g. protein content;
  • it preserves and improves the productivity of soils, in particular it provides biologically fixed nitrogen to the follow crop grown after legume cultivation.

Uses: Powder inoculum is offered in bags of 400 or 2000 g – this is for inoculating seed of one or 5 ha soya, beans, peas, vetches (medium to big sized seed). If legumes are sown in the field for the first time, it is recommended to increase the BACTOLiVE® LEGUME rate to 500-600 g / ha. Dilute 400 g with 0.75 l of water and apply on seed; plant treated seed on same day. Work in shade during treatment as bacteria are sensitive to UV light.