Bona Gold

.   BonaGold improves adhesion of all spray solutions to plant surfaces and can in particular improve direct uptake of systemic plant protection products through the waxy cuticular layer. It is thus a penetration enhancer, in addition to a first class deposition aid.

Benefits of using BonaGold:

  • gives good resistance to wash-off through rain, so there is no need to spray again when it starts to rain soon after spraying;
  • allows the reduction of spray volume per ha by 30 percent which optimizes the spray technology by saving time and money;
  • increases the efficiency of pesticides up to 50 percent because of improved adhesion and  systemic absorption of the active substances;
  • can be used for all spray technologies, and all formulations of plant protection peoducts;
  • non phytotoxic to plants, non-hazardous to bees and the environment.

Usage rates independent on spray water volume used per ha:

  • Systemic pesticides not mixed with fertilizers and other pesticides: 75 ml / ha 
  • Systemic pesticides mixtures: 50-75 ml / ha 
  • Contact pesticides: 50-100 ml / ha 

Use lower rate when the objective is excellent wetting; higher rate for penetration of systemic PPP. High Combined trisiloxane with polysiloxane active adjuvant substances are complementary and enhance the functioning of plant protection products.

Bona Superb

BonaSuperb is an adjuvant for tank mixture with systemic fungicides and insecticides. It improves the adhesion of spray droplets to targets, spreads the droplets, and improves the curative action of fungicides and the knock-down effect of insecticides. Wetting and spreading ensures that spray spots are not appearing. It is in-tank mixable with all crop protection formulations and is safe to crops.    

Benefits of using BonaSuperb:

  • strong reduction of surface tension of spray solutions with resulting excellent adhesion of sprays to leaf surfaces;
  • super-spreading of spray droplets;
  • excellent improvement penetration and of rainfastness;
  • excellent improvement of residual efficacy of plant protection products;
  • best product for integrated disease and pest management: immediate penetration and lasting residual effects of 
  • systemic plant protection products which allow the use of fungicides and insecticides in curative situations, when
  • diseases or insects are present already;
  • low foaming and anti-drift potential;
  • protection of active ingredients against quick degradation;
  • non-hazardous to beneficials like bees.

Usage rate: 

25-75 ml/ha for all crops and independent on spray water volume

est use concentration of working solution is 0.1%


Bona Contact

The product contains a super-spreading trisiloxane adjuvant, which reduces the surface tension and improves the wetting and spreading of spray droplets on plant surfaces. The acrylate covers plants with a fine protective film, which prolongs the effectiveness of contact pesticides and significantly reduces wash-off of crop protection products by rain (gives rainfastness) as compared to any other adjuvant.

Benefits of using BonaContact:

  • improves sticking of spray drops to leaf and plant surfaces;
  • reduces drift by increasing droplet size;
  • protects crop protection products against rain wash-off after sprays;
  • improves immediate and residual efficacy of products;
  • safe to crops.

Usage rate: 

125-250 ml / ha (0.125%)

For drift control: 0.05-0.1%.

Bona Glide

The product contains a concentrated polysiloxane which protects active substances of herbicides by  forming a film on soil or plant surfaces.

Benefits of using BonaGlide:

  • ensures good adhesion of the spray solutions – reduces „splashing-off“; 
  • protects sensitive herbicides against UV light and evaporation by film and „gel“ building;
  • causes „creeping“ of actives over surfaces with excellent slow coverage;
  • extends the efficacy of herbicides under adverse weather conditions;
  • maintains herbicides in upper soil horizon after rain;
  • safe to plants, bees, beneficials, and the environment.

Usage rate:

50 ml-75ml / ha for pre-emergence herbicides

50 ml / ha for early post emergence herbicides

Bona Foamex

The product prevents foam formation and destroys already formed. Product also prevents drifting of spray solutions by forming bigger spray droplets.

Used in the solutions with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators.

Usage rate:

3-10 ml / 100 liters of spray solution

Add low rate just after filling tank before pesticides added. Spray higher rate onto already formed foam. Can be diluted for better handling by adding 50% to water (never add water to FOAMEX, always FOAMEX to water).  May also be diluted 50% + 50% with plant oils, before adding to spray solution for fighting foam.